Transport planning and execution

We accompany you throughout the journey ​

At TRANSMODAL we offer our clients a comprehensive service or the completion of any of its phases.​

We have the capacity to carry out all transport planning and execution tasks (optimal route selection, engineering studies, obtaining permits, loading/unloading, disassembly, etc.) as well as advising on the manufacturing of parts and ensuring safety during the different phases of your project.​​

Engineering ​

TRANSMODAL have an own integrated engineering department for the analysis and provision of technical solutions based on the problems of each specific cargo movement. The technical solutions involve, among others, the use of flyover bridges, shore ramps, design and arrange for alternative roadways and new access option depending on the existing infrastructure and project needs.



TRANSMODAL are specialized in self-loading and self-unloading operations. These operations are characterized by being carried out through the vehicle’s own hydraulic system, without requiring the use of large cranes. We also have gantries, frame jacks, hydraulic jacks, sliding systems, etc. This gives our customers advantages in both time and price, as well as versatility in dates and additional room for maneuvers.

In addition, TRANSMODAL have contacts and alliances with different heavy transport and lifting companies throughout the country.​​


At TRANSMODAL, we have a department that is in charge of obtaining the necessary permits for each transport.

This department monitors the administrative procedures and the technical studies required by the different authorities, in a minimum of time.

Gestión de permisos

Modular Design​

Sometimes, manufacturers dedicated to the fabrication of heavy cargo units underestimate the difficulties of transportation which often incurs in additional costs and delays for their projects.

TRANSMODAL provides consultancy services so that said transport difficulties are taken into account already in the design phase of the project​

Diseño modular


Yes, feasibility studies concerning bridge structures, road pavements, and plant registration (inscriptions ?) are listed in our offer, as we have our own specialized engineering department.

Depending on the different organisms affected by each request, the times vary between 4 and 12 weeks. We are specialists and have direct contact with all the affected administrations in each request.​

When any of the measurements of length, width, height and/or weight exceed either 20 meters in length and/or 2,5 meters in width and/or 3 meters in height and/or 24 metric tons in weight.

TRANSMODAL is specialized in transport to the Balearic and Canary Islands, having agreements with the shipping lines from the different peninsular ports to the islands. TRANSMODAL carries out international road and/or combined maritime transport throughout Europe, having local collaborators in each country.

TRANSMODAL have their own engineering department to carry out feasibility studies, road surveys and loading / unloading studies for transports throughout Europe.