Special Transports

TRANSMODAL provides door-to-door services for
transportation of heavy loads and oversized cargo.


Heavy and out-of-gauge transports

TRANSMODAL are moving most of the special transports in the Eastern part of Spain.
We are one of the largest Spanish heavy haulers, also working in international projects.


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Special transport of several modules from Tarragona to ESSO Rotterdam for the Advanced Hydrocracker Project.
Transport combining truck – ocean vessel – barge – truck


All types of transport solutions

At TRANSMODAL, our core activities are road transports, rail transports, combined transports, the movement and transport of cranes and the movement of super loads. We count on all the necessary technical and human resources for executing whatsoever project.

Transporte por carretera

Road Transports

TRANSMODAL have all the necessary equipment and materials for the execution and handling of heavy loads by road.

Transporte por ferrocarril

Rail Transports

For decades, we are the leader in this segment in Spain. When the authorities do not allow transit by road, e.g. for excessive weight, then we are able to provide solutions by rail. TRANSMODAL have own specialized railcars and all the other necessary railway equipment – and we have the experience!

Transporte combinado

Combined Transports

Weight and envelope dimensions of very large undividable packages often do not allow them to be transported over the road from the point of origin to the point of destination.

Movimiento de cargas

Super Loads

The industry tends to move more and more entirely prefabricated factory segments with increasingly higher weights and dimensions. TRANSMODAL own self-propelled modular trailers, gantry systems, frame jacks, hydraulic jacks, other specialized heavy equipment and the experience to move these super loads.


Transports and much more

At TRANSMODAL we offer our clients a comprehensive service or the completion of any of its phases.



We have integrated an engineering department for the analysis and contribution of technical solutions.



We are specialists in self-loading and self-unloading operations using the trailer hydraulic system or other means.

Gestión de permisos


We have a department that is in charge of obtaining the necessary permits for each transport.

Diseño modular

Modular Design

We propose the best alternatives so that any transport difficulties are taken into account already in the design phase.

Proven Experience

Our clients come from various industries, for example: Nuclear Power Plants, Electric Thermal Power Plants, Chemical Industries, Oil Refineries, Assembly Companies, Engineering and Manufacturers of heavy components (Generators, Turbines and Transformers, etc.).

Estándares de calidad ISO

Management policy and ISO quality standards

Our activity involves high levels of security, coordination and specialization reflected in our Management Policy.

The quality of service to our clients and the desire for continuous improvement is a key aspect at Transmodal. That is why TRANSMODAL follows the quality management standards defined in the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards, which have been certified by the authorized company AENOR.