We have what it takes

For any type of transport​​

TRANSMODAL have the necessary equipment for the entire special land transport supply chain, with a large fleet of heavy-duty tractors, platform trailers, self-propelled modular trailers (SPMT’s), gantry systems, frame jacks, hydraulic jacks, and jack & slide equipment.​​


We have a fleet of tractors of up to 800 CV with sufficient traction torques to haul large weights. When necessary to we can combine up to two or three tractors, e.g. when the convoy weight or other factors require this.​

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We own a fleet of vehicles with different characteristics depending on the needs of each transport.​

Transporte de cargas


TRANSMODAL own two Hayes tractors with 800 CV and differentials for dragging on extremely steep slopes.​

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Double tractor​

We can combine several tractor units to achieve greater drag, if required so by the transport design.​


To carry out the requested transport, TRANSMODAL operate a wide range of own vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers and conventional platforms, Scheuerle modular vehicles, Trabosa trailers and self-propelled modular trailers (SPMT’s) up to a carrying capacity of 2,000 tons.​​

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Modular Vehicles​

We have 36 Scheuerle Intercombi axle-lines with their respective intermediate tools and accessories such as low beds, vessel bridges, crawler decks, beam equipment, turntables, etc. This allows us practically to combine any kind of vehicle configuration that might be required to make the transport of your cargo feasible. We also have 58 Trabosa axle-lines for internal port/site/workshop transports.


Self-propelled modular trailers (SPMT's)​

TRANSMODAL own 48 Scheuerle axles with a load capacity of 48 to per axle-line, two power pack units and two spacers, for the movement of modules, or other superloads. We also have the possibility of combining our SPMT’s with additional axle-lines from our partners in order to obtain a greater load capacity.

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Platforms and semi-trailers​

We have several types of extensible platforms from 2 to 5 axles, semi-trailers with 2, 3 and 4 axles, and extensible semi-trailers with 5 axles for different types of cargo.

Loading and unloading tools​

own 48 Scheuerle axles with a load capacity of 48 to for each axis per axle-line, two power pack units PPU and two spacers, for the movement of modules, large pieces of boilermaking, etc or other superloads. with We also have the possibility of combining our SPMT’s with additional axle-lines from our partners more axles in order to obtain a greater load capacity.​​

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Gantry Systems​

For the movement of loads inside factories, power stations, substations and whatsoever other type of location, TRANSMODAL operate two own gantries with maximum capacities of 400 and 600 tons.​​

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Hydraulic Jacks

We have hydraulic jacks of different capacities up to 150 tons/unit, which can be combined to lift all different kinds of loads.​

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Sliding Tracks​

We have a sliding system which enables us to move heavy packages on hydraulic skids over the rails towards the final position on the foundation, including both longitudinal or transversal movements.​